Natal Cares provides you with timely and regular medically approved health Information and Voice Services on pregnancy, motherhood, safe delivery and healthy baby lifestyle to help pregnant women and nursing mothers improve their health and baby’s health. You will receive SMS contents at least twice a week or a voice call once in a week depending on the option you choose while registering. These messages include pregnancy follow up, clinic reminders, child growth and nutrition, breastfeeding, immunization reminders, parenting tips, common symptoms, child health care tips, nutrition guides, family planning tips and many more on your phone.

Our messages are delivered in SIX Major indigenous languages: English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Pidgin and French.

We deliver valuable healthcare information about the symptoms of prenatal conditions such as pre-eclampsia and spotting via mobile phones using their preferred indigenous languages. We schedule medical checks, immunization reminders for breastfeeding mothers and other post-natal care tips. Through this service, we ensure that no mother, no matter how disadvantaged, is ever truly abandoned by healthcare professionals provided she has primary or secondary access to a mobile phone.

You can register to get your custom healthcare messages. Its super easy and takes just about 15 seconds to register.